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Yun Dae was a Los Angeles Police Department officer working at the Barn in Farmington. She was born in Torrance, California.

Season 1Edit

Officer Yun Dae was present in the interrogation room when Detective Dutch Wagenbach interrogated Richard Kim. After the interrogation, Dutch had her arrest him and take him to the cage.

When Dutch received information about a car that might have been involved in Sally Struthers murder, he told Yun Dae to fax the information. However, due to the plumbing failure at the Barn, she couldn't do it. Dutch lost his temper and told her to do something to solve the problem.

Some days later, when Dutch brought a Korean woman for questioning, he asked Yun Dae if she could translate. However, she told him that she doesn't speak Korean since she was born in California. She then took a call from a jewelry where three young males had spent a lot of money, and informed Dutch and Claudette about it.


Season 1

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