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Yassirah Al-Thani was a Middle Eastern immigrant that lived in Farmington with her husband Zayed Al-Thani. They came from Damascus. Zayed and Yassirah had a son together.

Season 2Edit

Officers Julien Lowe and Danny Sofer arrived at Zayed and Yassirah's house after their neighbor, Alene Carmichael, called them because of weird smells coming from their house. As they searched their house, Zayed introduced Yahssirah to the officers. At the moment, Yassirah was preparing pickled fish in the kitchen. After Danny corroborated the "weird smell" came from the fish, they thanked them for their help.

The following night, after another argument ensued, the officers arrived again. During the argument, Zayed came out with a gun and Danny ended up shooting him several times when he appeared to point at her. At this moment, Yassirah walked out to see Zayed lying dead and she started crying and screaming.

Yassirah sought the representation from Aaron Hamad on a case against Officer Danny Sofer, alleging that she had established a pattern of racial insensitivity resulting in Zayed's death. Hamad and Yassirah went to the Barn and met with Captain David Aceveda and Lanie Kellis to discuss the situation. Yassirah simply listened as Hamad exposed their case to them.

Later that day, they returned and found out that Aceveda had debunked a witness that Hamad had bribed into filing a bogus complaint against Sofer. This time, Hamad left angry and decided to drop the case. Yassirah returned to the Barn with a friend, distraught for the situation and blamed Sofer and Aceveda for what had happened. Crying, she told Sofer that their son wouldn't be able to see his father because of her.


  • Although it is heavily implied, it is never confirmed that Yassirah had anything to do with the harassment against Officer Danny Sofer (the vandalism to her car, the prank call about her mother, the planting of marihuana, etc.)


Season 2

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