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Wayne "Scooby" Haimes was a Los Angeles Police Department officer working at The Barn in Farmington. He, along with his partner Carl Miller were killed on orders of Antwon Mitchell. Haimes most likely earned his nickname "Scooby" after the police raid in Season Four's first episode "The Cure" after a dog attacked Haimes, then was shot and killed by Haimes, as well as the fact that Vic says to Haimes when it appears he's about to get in trouble for killing the dog, "Don't sweat it, Scooby. We'll figure something out."

Season FourEdit

Wayne was first seen during a police raid on a local hideout of a criminal, when the criminal's dog started violently attacking his leg. Scooby fired his gun at the dog and killed it, which brought Assistant Chief Roy Phillips to the scene for questioning. Some of the other officers planted a gun near the dog, claiming the dog had a weapon that it was gonna use. The joke, along with support from Monica Rawling, kept Wayne from having charges filed against him.

Wayne was seen again at several other crime scenes, helping Dutch and Claudette solve the cases. His final moments were at a local burger restaurant, with his partner Carl Miller. Both of them were talking with Julien and Danny about their work progress and cracking jokes. The two of them walked away and answered a 911 call later that night.

4x09 Scooby & Carl dead

Two Nigerian thugs ambushed Carl and Scooby at night when they said they heard a child screaming for help inside a sewer. As they bent down to look inside, Scooby was stabbed in the throat. Paralyzed, the thugs began to deal with Carl, who put up a very big fight. One of the thugs, Idisa Okoye, noticed he wasn't dead and bent down to finish him off, slitting his throat. Their bodies were later dragged over to a safehouse. Their deaths were two of the most shocking police officer slayings that were never forgotten in the Barn. Monica even put their badges inside a pictured frame and hung them up against the Barn's wall as a sign of remembrance for the two.


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