Danny and Vic

Vic and Danny

Detective Vic Mackey and Sergeant Danny Sofer have had an on-again, off-again sexual relationship.

Season OneEdit

Vic regularly cheated on his wife with Danny. She eventually ended the affair, telling him that their relationship wasn't working for her anymore.

Season TwoEdit

After Armadillo Quintero is arrested and put into the cage, Danny puts another man in the cage as well. She makes sure to pat the second man down, but Vic slips a knife to him afterwards and the second man kills Armadillo. Danny is suspected of not doing her job and when the Chief insists that Aceveda fire her, she loses her job.

Danny does not suspect Vic at first, a measure of the faith and trust she puts in him. After someone else points out it may have been Vic, she realizes that it was probably Vic who put her into this position. This realization greatly damages their friendship.

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit

Captain Rawling needs some uniformed officers to help Vic with his Gang Task Force, and Vic recommends Danny. Danny finds the work much more rewarding than the typical drunk and disorderly calls she and Julien had done in the past.

Captain Rawling eventually tells Danny that it was Vic who suggested Danny's name, and she is greatly thankful towards Vic. Later, Danny needs to blow off some steam and has sex in a car with Vic.

Season FiveEdit

Danny is six months pregnant but refuses to tell anyone the father is. It is strongly implied that Vic is the father of Danny's child.

Season SixEdit

Season SevenEdit