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Van Bro was a street vendor and an informant of Vic Mackey. He used to be a gang member in his youth and was wheelchair-bound. He usually sold paintings on the street.

Season 1Edit

When the Strike Team were looking for the member of Los Magnificos that had shot Nivan Gonzalez, they went to Van Bro for information. Van told them that he heard it was an initiation and they chose Nivan because he had stopped paying for protection.

Season 2Edit

After Ronnie Gardocki was injured by Armadillo Quintero, Vic Mackey and the Strike Team approached Van Bro for any information that might lead them to Armadillo. Van Bro told them that he had heard Armadillo was bringing Mexican people to run his business. Mackey then gave him some money for any help he could give them. Later that day, Van Bro told Vic that a former Los Mags leader called Little Pop wasn't so happy with Armadillo either. He then introduced Vic to Little Pop.

As word got around that Van Bro was helping the police, some Mexican thugs attacked him and took his wheelchair. When the Strike Team found him, they helped him into a bench and assured him they would find his chair.

Season 3Edit

Vic contacted Van Bro to see if he knew anything about the Byz Lats buying weapons. When they went to meet with him, Van Bro told them that he hadn't found anything about the Byz Lats, but did find out that Kern Little was also buying weapons for the One-Niners. After finding out that Garza, leader of the Byz Lats, was the one buying the MP5's, Vic asked Van Bro to contact Garza and tell him that he had found a buyer for his weapons.

Season 7Edit

Van Bro was seen one final time when Ronnie Gardocki and Julien Lowe visited him for information regarding a case they were following. Van Bro made a comment regarding the end of the original Strike Team and told Ronnie amusingly that he was "the last man standing" and that he was glad for him.


Season 1

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