This is a list of unnamed medical staff and/or credited actors seen on The Shield.

Season 1Edit

Paramedic Edit

1x09 Paramedic

The paramedic treats the attacked truck driver.

This paramedic tended the truck driver that was attacked by Hector Estanza and his men.

"Paramedic" was played by Jim Argenbright in "Throwaway"

Season 2Edit

Medical examiner Edit


The medical examiner talks with Dutch about Kayla LeSeur's severed arm.

This medical examiner checked out Kayla LeSeur's severed arm. After doing so, she told Detective Dutch Wagenbach that it had been cut with a single blow from a machete or an axe, approximately three or four hours ago. She also told him that the victim was alive at the moment and that she might still be alive.

"M.E." was played by Colleen Kane in "Partners"

Vic Mackey's nurse Edit

2x03 Vic nurse-2

The nurse taking Vic Mackey into surgery.

This nurse took Vic Mackey into the operating room after he was shot. He also informed Captain David Aceveda of what had happened.

"Nurse" was played by Guillermo Cespedes in "Partners"

Ursula Hayes' nurse Edit


Telling Vic Mackey where was Dante.

This nurse worked at Mission Cross Hospital in the floor where Ursula Hayes was being treated. When the police came looking for Ursula's room, Detective Vic Mackey asked her which room it was and she told him it was 607.

"Nurse" was played by Talmadge Ragan in "Inferno"

Season 7Edit

EMT Edit

7x13 Emt

EMT carrying Robert Huggins stretcher.

This EMT tended Robert Huggins after he was attacked and shot. He tried to save him, but Huggins flat-lined in the ambulance.

"EMT" was played by Roy Vongtama in "Family Meeting"

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