This is a list of unnamed officers and detectives working at the Farmington precinct with spoken lines and/or credited actors seen in The Shield.

Season 1 Edit

Cop Edit


This was one of three officers that looked at Janet crumbling and bending in front of Dutch Wagenbach after finding out her sister was dead.

"Cop" was played by Britt Soderberg in "Pilot."

Riot police 1 Edit

1x12 Riot-police-1

Riot police extracting Aceveda and the others.

This member of the Riot Squad entered the building where David Aceveda, Claudette Wyms, and Karen Mitchell were hiding during the riot to safely extract them. As they walked out, they used their shields to protect them from objects thrown at them.

"Riot Police #1" was played by John Strand in "Two Days of Blood."

Riot squad commander Edit

1x13 Riot-squad-cmdr

Briefing Captain David Aceveda.

The Riot Squad Commander was overseeing his squad during the riot. After David Aceveda, Claudette Wyms, and Karen Mitchell were safely taken out of an abandoned building, he informed Aceveda of the situation. He also informed Aceveda of the only casualty among the crowd.

"Riot Squad Commander" was played by Rick Allen in "Circles."

Season 3Edit

Officer at Soren Arnovic's house Edit


Arriving at Soren Arnovic's house.

This officer arrived at 95 Round Hill Road after the killer of Tommy Hisk's family was found. Officer Julien Lowe greeted him and other officer at the entrance and lead them to the backyard where Detective Vic Mackey was holding Soren at gunpoint.

"Uni" was played by Alejandro Furth in "Posse Up".

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