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Tyesha was a singer and the girlfriend of Kern Little.

Before Season 1Edit

Tyesha was T-Bonz' girlfriend and was part of his record label. However, she later signed with T-Bonz' rival, Kern Little, and became his girlfriend as well. According to Kern Little, her sales increased after she signed with him.

Tyesha started working on a new album which was supposed to be released a month after Kern's album.

Season 1Edit

Tyesha was present at Kern Little's album release party at Chez Club. When Rondell Robinson asked Kern to sing a duet with Tyesha, she got up on the stage but refused to arguing that this was Kern's night. When T-Bonz arrived and a shootout ensued, Kern quickly got Tyesha off the stage.

1x04 Kern Little's GF

The next day, she was at Kern's studio recording some tracks, when she met Vic Mackey and Curtis Lemansky. She assured them that Kern's men were only protecting them from T-Bonz. When her dog, Rocco, was poisoned, she went to the Barn with Kern to demand Vic to do something about it assuring him that it was T-Bonz' doing.


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