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Two-Time was a drug dealer and the main rival of Rondell Robinson.

Before Season 1Edit

Two-Time started dealing drugs in Farmington creating conflict with fellow dealer Rondell Robinson. Since Robinson was Vic Mackey's protege, they were looking for ways to take him down.

The police had been unable to apprehend Two-Time because he never kept drugs at his house.

1x01 Two Time house

Two-Time plays video games while his Asian girlfriend cuddles with him.

Season 1Edit

Connie Riesler tipped off Vic Mackey about Two-Time's whereabouts. Two-Time had called Connie's pimp, Ringo, asking for four prostitutes. Knowing that he would have drugs at his house at this moment, the Strike Team decided to ambush him.

1x01 Two-time-dies

Two-Time is shot by Det. Mackey and Vendrell.

The night of the raid, Two-Time was at his house with his girlfriend. When he realized they were in his house, she took some of the cocaine they had, and he tried to dump the other drugs down the toilet. When Vic and Shane approached the bathroom, he fired upon them. Vic and Shane returned fire and killed him.

As Detective Terry Crowley walked in the room, Vic took Two-Time's gun and used it to kill Crowley. He then claimed that Crowley was killed in the firefight with Two-Time.


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