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Train Guttierez was the leader of The Toros. He had a girlfriend called Lucy, and they were expecting a baby.

Season 1Edit

Train arrived at the gun shop where George Michael Klassen shot several Latinos, including Lucy, his pregnant girlfriend. Train was being comforted by Lucas and other gang members. After that, he started looking for George to seek revenge. Sometime after, Train and The Toros murdered George's in-laws. When Leon, the father of one of George's victims captured George and gave him away, Train held him and his family hostage.

Just before Vic Mackey was able to enter the house, he sexually assaulted Myra, George's wife. When Mackey and Det. Carlos Zamora came in, they tried to convince Train not to shoot the family. However, Train got desperate and shot George in the head after muttering "For Lucy". Vic returned fire and injured him, while Carlos lost control and put a gun in Train's mouth. Still, Vic managed to pull him away and Train was taken into custody.


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