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Tori Burke was a prostitute and the girlfriend of Tyrez Wallace.

Before Season 5Edit

Tori had an M.B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles and she worked as an account manager at a brokerage firm after graduating. At one point, her fiance left her. As a result, her work started getting sloppy and she stopped going to work which resulted in her being fired.

During this time, she met Tyrez Wallace and the two started a relationship. Aside of their relationship, Tyrez had her work as a prostitute for his profit.

Season 5Edit

One night, Tori signaled a taxi driver called Gilbos Arkelian to pick her up. When he did, she offered him sex for $100. She picked the motel and after they arrived, two associates of Tori came in and stole Gilbos' wallet and a gold chain.

The other morning, Gilbos spotted Tori in the street and attacked her. Detectives Dutch Wagenbach and Steve Billings arrived to question her and she told them she was working at a community center in the area. Billings decided to take her to the Barn for further questioning, despite Dutch's reluctance.

When Gilbos told them what had happened, Dutch and Billings questioned her about the incident which enraged her. Her boyfriend, Tyrez Wallace, arrived later claiming to be her legal counsel. As Dutch spoke with Captain Claudette Wyms downstairs, Wallace and Tori started having sex in the interrogation room until Claudette stepped in and caught them.

She then confessed to Dutch that Tyrez had saved her from an empty life by treating her like a lady. However, she refused to identify Wallace as one of the men that attacked Gilbos and was arrested for robbery.


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