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Tom Ross was a friend of Steve Hanratty.

Before Season 1Edit

Tom and Steve used to play pranks to each other, always trying to exceed the other.

Season 1Edit

When Tom saw the flyers looking for the murderer of Sally Struthers, he read that the alleged killer drove a green car with a broken taillight. Tom then broke Steve's car taillight.

When Detective Dutch Wagenbach was looking for the murderer of Sally, Tom made an anonymous 911 call because he recognized her from the flyer picture. When they took him to the Barn, he claimed to be afraid that whoever killed Sally might retaliate against him for testifying. Claudette Wyms assured him the information was confidential, and he told her and Dutch that he had seen Sally in a green car with a broken taillight, struggling with the driver. Fortunately, he wrote down the license plate and gave it to Dutch.

After Dutch interrogated Steve Hanratty, he told him it probably was all a joke from Tom. Dutch then had Tom arrested for obstruction of justice. As he was putting him inside the cage, Dutch lost his temper grabbing Tom by the shirt and almost hitting him.


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