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Stella Sewell
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Stella Sewell was the mother of Mara Sewell and Shane Vendrell's mother-in-law.

Season ThreeEdit

Stella received some cash from her daughter, Mara. Unknown to either of them, the money was marked and was part of the Armenian Money Train Heist. Once this was discovered by Shane, The Strike Team (especially Shane and Vic) had to work very hard to conceal the source of the funds without allowing Stella to know the money was stolen. This task was made harder because of Stella's greed and lack of sympathy for her soon to be married daughter.

Season SevenEdit

After Shane turned fugitive and tried to leave town with Mara and Jackson, Vic and Ronnie visited Stella to see if they had contacted her. However, she told them that she hadn't heard from Mara in a while and didn't even know she was pregnant.


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