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Sonny was an outraged civilian who started killing cops after Violet Roosevelt and Tanya Kramer were killed due to a delayed 911 call.

Before Season 1Edit

When Sonny was 9 years old, his mother left. His father was a heroin addict.

Season 1Edit

After Tanya Kramer and Violet Roosevelt were killed, Twanya was enraged. She told her friends Benji and Sonny and they decided to do something about it. When they found out that Tanya and Violet had died because the police took more than an hour to answer the 911 call, they decided to avenge the deaths by murdering police officers.

Sonny and his friends Benji and Twanya took position atop an apartment building and ambushed police officers Rudy and Paula after making a bogus 911 call, shortly before taking shots at Danny and Julien. They escaped when the officers returned fired and repeated the same procedure the next day, slaughtering Patrick and Chris after making yet another false 911 call.

Sonny was lured into his house after thinking his mother came back home, but it was really a trick Vic Mackey and Shane Vendrell played. Vic pinned Sonny to the wall and started interrogating him, where he merely replied "Kiss my ass!" Vic took Patrick's stolen badge and started stabbing him with it, eventually forcing Sonny to give up his friends' names.

During interrogation, Sonny said that he and his friends started killing cops because Twanya was angry for the death of the women, believing it was the cops who killed them. He was later arrested.


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