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Sedona Tellez was an accountant that worked at the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters and Ben Gilroy's mistress. She lived in 2538 Mercado Avenue.

Before Season 1Edit

Sedona started working as an accountant at the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters, where she met Ben Gilroy. At some point, Ben and Sedona started a relationship. Together, they devised a scheme to make money through an elaborate real estate scam. Ben established a policy to divert police manpower away from The Grove, with the intention of rising crime in the area and thus decreasing land value. Sedona, posing as CEO of a shell company at the Cayman Islands, then bought property in the area with the intention of selling it afterwards at higher prices.

Season 1Edit

One night, Sedona was with Gilroy as they drove through The Grove. Ben was drunk and accidentally hit a drug dealer called Tony Nunez, dragging him 75 feet and killing him. Even though Tony's partner saw him, Gilroy and Sedona still fled the scene. When Gilroy found out that Detective Dutch Wagenbach was already on Sedona's trail, Ben called her and told her to pack her things and leave. She prepared some suitcases and left in a cab, although some neighbors saw her leave.

1x13 Sedona-aceveda

Sedona talking with David Aceveda.

When Captain David Aceveda started investigating into the scheme, he had the escrow company that dealt with Sedona's properties to lure her into the office. When Sedona arrived, Aceveda introduced himself and they went to her apartment to talk. Sedona remarked to Aceveda that if he wanted to arrest her, he would've taken her already. When Aceveda brings up Gilroy and the real estate scheme, she denies knowing Gilroy and denies any wrongdoing within the scam. However, Aceveda presses on her, telling her that he knows she worked with Gilroy at the LAPD headquarters. Sedona then agrees to cooperate and tells Aceveda everything, including that Gilroy had told her about how a friend of his helped him with the Jesus Rosales situation.

Aceveda then calls Vic Mackey and invites her into Sedona's house. After introducing themselves, Aceveda tells Vic that Sedona is willing to testify against Gilroy. Vic comments on her loyalty, but she tells Vic that she still has a future to protect. Aceveda leads her to her room, while he talks with Vic about his involvement. After this, Sedona went to the Barn to make a statement. When Ben Gilroy was brought to the Barn arrested by Mackey, Sedona was sitting in one of the desks, and she tried to hide from Gilroy knowing she had betrayed him.

Season 2Edit

According to Ben Gilroy, Sedona took most of the money they had made from their real estate scams leaving him only with $75,000.


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