The San Marcos Killings refers to series of brutal slayings of Mexicans by Salvadoran criminals.

Season 6 Edit

After the Murder of Curtis Lemansky, the LAPD believed that Guardo Lima ordered the slaying because he and the strike team disrupted the Salvadoran's activities. This theory was supported by the fact that the Salvadorans had been selling grenades and Lemansky, who had helped disrupt one such arms deal, was murdered with a grenade. The LAPD was unaware that Lemansky was in fact murdered by Detective Shane Vendrell.

Captain Claudette Wyms ordered Dutch Wagenbach to start with Guardo. Dutch's investigation led him to a house in San Marcos where he discoved 11 hacked up Mexican bodies and one arm. The arm belonged to mid-level bureaucrat named Eduardo Romero who was later revealed to be a money courier for the Mexican Cartels.

Kevin Hiatt managed to track down an undercover ICE agent who revealed that the Salvadorans murdered the Mexicans as a warning to share the profits of a major illegal racket that they were running. (This major racket is later revealed to be a concentrated effort to launder drug profits through Farmington). Later various informants fingered the murderers behind San Marcos. Vic arrested one killer and delivered the other two to the Byz Lats for revenge.

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