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Sally Struthers was a 13-year old prostitute.

Before Season 1Edit

Sally Struthers made some films with Kurt Schmidt. He then took her to Mrs. Park's sex club. Sally also worked as a prostitute near Connie Riesler and bought drugs from Richard Kim, mainly ecstasy.

Sally met Eric and started dating him. However, she told Eric her parents were traditional and never let her bring kids to her house. She also told him she was a freshman. They dated for several months and Eric felt things got serious when she finally kissed him. She had told him she wanted to take things slow.

Season 1Edit


Sally met with Richard Kim and bought five hits of ecstasy. She then met with Eric and went to an ice cream place together. They were there until 10:00. At that time, she left claiming she had to go home because of her curfew. Some time after that, she was picked up by someone near Cassandra Street and murdered. The murderer left her lying face-down on the ground.

After Vic Mackey led a raid on Park's sex club, they found several "Cherry Popper" films, and he told Lem to see if Sally was in any of them. When they found one, Mackey and Dutch forced Mrs. Park to see the film with Sally.


  • "Sally Struthers" is the name of an actress that appeared in a comedy series from the 70s called All In the Family, which makes it possible that the name is an alias and not the girl's real name. Dutch mentions the relation of the name and the show during the initial investigation.


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