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You may be looking for Robert Huggins.

Robert was the brother of Kevin.

Before Season 3Edit

Robert had been working at the same job for 12 years with a decent pay. During that time, he had helped his brother, Kevin, several times with money that amounted to $15,000. Robert also had made Kevin the beneficiary of his insurance policy.

Season 3Edit

Robert's brother, Kevin, visited him in the morning and prepared breakfast. During the afternoon, Robert was taken to Mission Cross Hospital with his third case of food poisoning in the same month. Dr. Genty treated him and asked nurse Corrine Mackey to call a detective.

When Dutch Wagenbach arrived, the doctor told him that there were traces of thallium in Robert's stomach which might indicate a murder attempt. Robert dismissed it as a mix-up at the lab or something from the grocery store, but Dutch decided to interrogate the brother after knowing he had cooked the previous two times Robert had been treated.

When Robert knew that the police was interrogating Kevin, he got angry because he trusted him. Kevin later confessed to poisoning Robert because he was ashamed for all the times he had disappointed him and because he knew he could never pay him back all the money he had given him.


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