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You may be looking for Ricky Harris.

Ricky was a small-time member of the Byz Lats gang and a witness to Aceveda's rape.

Season 3 Edit

Ricky and Juan Lozano were smoking crack when they were assaulted by the Strike Team. Vic Mackey asked him where their boss was, but Juan refused to tell them. Vic lighted Juan's crackpipe and forced it down his throat while Ricky looked terrified. When Vic threatened to do the same to him, he told them Diagur was at his girlfriend's house. After they left, Juan blasted Ricky for telling them.

Some time later, Diagur contacted Juan and Ricky and told them to go to Aramis' house to pick up a stash of money that was hidden in the refrigerator. As they were looking for it, Captain David Aceveda appeared and held Ricky at gunpoint, not knowing about Juan's presence. Juan then approached Aceveda from the back and knocked him down. In the struggle, Juan took Aceveda's gun and held him at gunpoint. He then threatened to force him to give him oral sex, until two officers knocked on the door. As Juan held Aceveda with his mouth shut, Ricky checked to see when the cops leave. Eventually they did and Juan forced him to give him oral sex.

While they were doing it, Juan asked Ricky to take his cellphone out and take a picture of it. Reluctantly, Ricky did. After they finished, Juan tried to force Ricky into shooting Aceveda, but he pleaded for his life. Ricky refused to do it, and at this point, the Strike Team arrived at the house and Juan and Ricky fled.


While trailing Juan and Ricky, Aceveda finds himself in a near fatal confrontation during an attempted liquor store robbery. One of the robbers turns out to be Ricky himself. Ricky sees Aceveda and tries to kill him, but a quicker Aceveda shoots Ricky dead. With this act, Aceveda managed to kill the only witness to his assault and also recovered Ricky's cell phone that was used to photograph the rape.


  • He is Aceveda's second kill in the series.


Season 3

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