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Raoul Jimenez was an activist for Latino human rights. He was known for being boisterous and very dedicated to his protection of the Latino race. Detective Vic Mackey questioned his motives, claiming Jimenez was more interested in generating publicity for himself.

Season 1Edit

When a massacre against Latinos in and around Farmington ensued, Jimenez went to the Barn to ensure that whoever did it was arrested. He met with Assistant Chief Ben Gilroy and pressured him for results in the investigation. When it was revealed that some Latino store owners had captured the killer and handed him to The Toros for revenge, Jimenez told Vic Mackey he'll make sure they wouldn't serve a single day in jail. Mackey agreed that Jimenez was probably correct.

That same night, Captain David Aceveda met with Jimenez in his car and gave him the file on the Internal Affairs' investigation on Vic Mackey, expecting him to leak it to the press.


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