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Pazi Arambula was a dealer who sold and dealt cock-fighting equipment as well as guns. He was also wanted by Mexican and federal authorities and had a bounty on him of close to 3 million pesos.

Season 1 Edit

During the Dos Días de Sangre cock-fight festival, Gabo talked Pazi into meeting Shane Vendrell, who was pretending to be a cock-fighter. After Shane's chicken died in a cock-fight at the festival, Gabo introduced them. Pazi was supposed to buy some of Shane's chicken and sell him guns. As they met, Pazi asked Shane about the foods and minerals he used on his chickens.

As they were about to close the deal, Shane sneaked up behind Pazi and tried to stun him with chloroform. Pazi overpowered Shane and held a gun on him, ready to shoot. However, Lem appeared and told him to drop his weapon. As Pazi was distracted with Lem, Shane took a plank of wood and knocked out Pazi. He then handed Pazi to bounty hunter Jojo Rizal who took him back to Mexico, where Shane said he would be "hung by his balls."

1x12 Pazi-lem-shane

Appearances Edit

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