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Paula was a Los Angeles Police Department officer working at the Barn in Farmington.

Season 1Edit

On "warrant sweep day", Paula exchanged her warrants with Danny Sofer taking one for Koreatown.

1x13 Paula-shot

Danny Sofer finds Paula shot.

Some time later, Paula and her partner Rudy were responding to a call at Connor and Adelaide, trying to beat Officers Danny Sofer and Julien Lowe. They arrive first, but as they approached the place of the call, Sonny, Benji, and Twanya, started shooting at their car from one of the nearby buildings, killing Rudy and critically injuring Paula. When Danny and Julien arrived and noticed what was happening, Paula warned Danny that the shooters were above them, as they started shooting again. Danny managed to drag Paula out of the car and seek cover behind it, as they made the shooters retreat. When the back-up arrived, Paula was put in an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

Season 2Edit

When Connie Riesler returned to the Barn, Paula went to the Strike Team's clubhouse to tell Vic about her.

2x08 Paula Meagan

Paula takes care of Megan Mackey.

Another day, when Corrine Mackey arrived to the Barn with Cassidy and Megan, Claudette asked Paula to take care of the kids while she talked to Corrine. Paula took them to the mess hall and had them drawing and painting. When Vic Mackey arrived and saw them, he went to Paula and Cassidy told him what had happened.

Later that night, Danny Sofer came inside the Barn in shock and told Paula that she had tried to kiss Detective Dutch Wagenbach. Paula laughed at it but was surprised when Danny told her that he was the one that stopped her. At this moment, Little Pop stabbed Armadillo Quintero in the cage and Danny and Paula ran to help. When Paula entered the cage and check Armadillo, he was already dead.

Season 3Edit

Paula told Detective Dutch Wagenbach when Armin Chorekian arrived at the Barn with his family. Later, she also brought Dutch the package that Lyor Slavok had sent to Margos Dezerian.


  • Paula's radio code is "One Tango 19".


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