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Park was the owner of a member's only sex club in Farmington.

Before Season 1Edit

Mrs. Park had met Ted several times at her sex club. She considered him one of his best clients.

At some point, Kurt Schmidt brought teenagers Sun-Lee and Sally Struthers, among others, to Park's club so they could work as performers.

Season 1Edit

While Vic Mackey was investigating the murder of Sally Struthers, he received information about Park's sex club from Sam. After getting inside with Ted, Mackey met Mrs. Park who asked him what he wanted. When Mackey said he wanted to watch first, Park led her to a room where they watched teenager Sun-Lee have sex with an adult man. After getting out, Mackey got a warrant to intervene with the club and arrested Park.

Park was taken to the Barn where she was interrogated by Mackey and Dutch Wagenbach. Mackey played her the VHS tape with Sally that they found at her club and she confessed that Kurt Schmidt, the maker of the "Cherry Popper" films, had taken Sally to her club.


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