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Owen Thigpen was Matthew Mackey's autism tutor. He eventually started dating Corrine Mackey until Vic told her to fire him.

Before Season 3Edit

At some point, Corrine contacted Owen and hired him to work as a tutor to her son, Matthew. He started working sporadically with Matthew, but offered Corrine the chance to work with him full-time for an additional $300 a week.

Season 3Edit

Owen was working with Matthew one day when Vic arrived. Owen used the Tomatis Method, which involved listening to classical music, to stimulate Matthew's hearing without overwhelming his other senses. After he finished with him, he greeted Vic and told them how much Matthew had improved. He then left.

Owen was teaching Matthew how to associate terms with objects when Vic arrived. When Matthew was about to leave, without picking up the cards they were playing with, Owen insisted he should take them to his room. However, Vic told him it was okay and took Matthew away. Corrine and Owen looked at each other, wondering if Vic suspected something about them dating.


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