3x13 - Neil O'Brien

Neil O'Brien

Neil O'Brien was a criminal Irishman wanted by the Treasury. He also inadvertently became a target of the Armenian Mafia.

He was portrayed by Jim Budig.

Season ThreeEdit

Neil is first seen picking up a large sum of cash purposely left on the ground by Vic and the Strike Team. He was eventually arrested for possessing the money and spent a few days inside the Barn being interrogated by David Aceveda. Although he pleaded and said the money wasn't his (which turned out to be marked), he still had to spend time in jail.

Eventually he was released from prison and decided to lay low. Little did he know, but the Armenian Mafia was targeting anyone and everyone who had connections to the Money Train Heist (including Diagur Leyva who had no part in the heist). Vic and the Strike Team hunted down Neil, trying to convince to leave town for his safety (and so the FBI won't arrest him and possibly point out the Strike Team). Neil agreed, but he stayed a little longer to collect his winnings for a baseball game. Unfortunately for Neil, the Armenians found him, killed him, and severed his feet (like several other victims). One of Neil's friends was also killed at the time.

When Vic found the body, they decided to burn it in order to prevent his body from being discovered by the FBI, so that they would think he was still a fugitive. That way, they wouldn't eliminate Neil as a suspect and subsequently focus on the Strike Team.


Season 3: "What Power Is...", "Riceburner", "Fire in the Hole"

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