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Navaro Quintero
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Navaro Quintero was the leader of a major drug ring in Mexico and the older brother of Armadillo Quintero.

Before Season 2Edit

Navaro established Rosalina Imports in Tijuana, to serve as a front business to his drug smuggling operation. Efrain Lemus, a Mexican detective, was looking for him and his brother.

Season 2Edit

2x01 Navaro Quintero-2

Mackey threatens to "firenecklace" Navaro.

Navaro managed to smuggle a drug shipment with the help of Jasper. That drug was poisoned and ended up in T.O. Osmond's drug business, resulting in a death. Because of this, Vic Mackey and the Strike Team planned to capture him.

Navaro was in Tijuana with some of his men when the Strike Team came by and captured him after knocking out his men. Detective Vic Mackey and the team dragged him to an abandoned hill where they threatened to "firenecklace" unless he paid them $400,000 and revealed his brother's location. After he agreed, they went to a cemetery to make the exchange. After Navaro's men put the money on the trunk, Mackey sped away still with Navaro. He then drugged him and put him on the trunk to cross the border. After crossing safely, Mackey took Navaro to the Barn claiming that they captured him in the United States right before he crossed the border to Mexico. Navaro was then put in prison.

When Armadillo decided to return to the US and started selling heroin to children at school, Vic visited Navaro in prison. Reluctantly, Navaro sat down to talk to him. Vic told him what was happening with Armadillo, but Navaro told him he wasn't speaking with his brother. Vic didn't believed him and asked Navaro to give Armadillo a warning. If he refused to do so, he threatened to "greenlight" him, pointing to a One-Niner immate that owed him a favor.

2x05 Navaro dies

Navaro bleeds to death.

Later that day, Navaro contacted Armadillo, not knowing that the Strike Team was monitoring the calls from the prison. While talking, someone killed Navaro by stabbing him on orders of Armadillo. After being stabbed, Navaro fell and bled to death.


Season 2

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