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Moses Hernández was a high-level employee of the Department of Justice and a friend of David Aceveda.

Before Season 1Edit

Moses Hernández and David Aceveda went to the University of Southern California together.

Some time after, Hernández started working for the Department of Justice in California.

Season 1Edit

Hernández and Aceveda sought to make a case against Vic Mackey for police corruption. To achieve this, he offered Detective Terry Crowley a job at the Department of Justice in exchange for incriminating evidence against Mackey. Crowley then asked for a job specifically in their home office in Washington, DC, a car, moving expenses, and a fruit basket. Hernández guaranteed all of these to Crowley.

When Crowley ended up dead, Aceveda suspected that Mackey was behind it and that it had to do with the fact that Crowley was about to testify against him. Hernández and Aceveda met again, and Moses told Aceveda that he didn't tell anyone, but he had to follow the protocol with Crowley's requests which he sent to the corresponding departments.


  • It is later revealed that Ben Gilroy got the information about Terry Crowley's deal from someone in the Department of Justice, which he then told Mackey. However, it is never said if Hernández was the one who gave Gilroy the information.


Season 1

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