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Mona Gaines
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Maynard Hawkins - Husband (separated)
Lloyd Hawkins - Son


Mona Gaines was the wife of Maynard Hawkins and the mother of Lloyd. Mona and Maynard had other five children.

Before Season 1Edit

During the marriage of Maynard and Mona, apparently he wasn't a good father. Eventually, most of his children abandoned him and refused to have any relation with him. Only Lloyd stayed with him and Mona. When Mona got tired of Maynard's abuses, he left him without telling him anything. She then moved to Virginia, but his son, Lloyd, still kept cashing her Social Security check.

Season 1Edit

When the police found Maynard Hawkins chained in the backyard after being attacked by coyotes, they interrogated his son Lloyd, who told Detectives Claudette Wyms and Dutch Wagenbach that Mona had left Maynard with him without explanation. Claudette and Dutch started looking for Mona and eventually found her in Virginia. When Claudette called her, she told her that Maynard was not his problem anymore and that she didn't care that Lloyd was cashing his check.


  • Mona was not seen during the episode. Only her voice was heard during a telephone conversation with Claudette Wyms.


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