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Megan Mackey
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Corrine Mackey - Mother
Vic Mackey - Father
Matthew Mackey - Brother
Cassidy Mackey - Sister
Lee Carson Sofer - Brother
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Megan Mackey was the youngest daughter of Vic and Corrine Mackey. She has two older siblings: Cassidy and Matthew. Like Matthew, she was diagnosed with autism.

Season 1Edit

Megan's brother, Matthew, bit her in the face and dropped her on the head. Corrine quickly took her to the hospital and called Vic. They took her some x-rays to check out if she was okay.

When Ben Gilroy threatened Vic Mackey's family and their house ended up destroyed, Corrine took the children and left Vic.

Before Season 2Edit

According to Gordie Liman, Corrine was hiding with the kids in Colorado Springs. They were staying at the house of an old college friend of Corrine called Camille Briskin.

Season 2Edit

When Corrine Mackey returned to California to meet with private investigator Ludwig Morgal, she took Megan with her. While at Morgal's office, Vic came in and demanded to know what had happened to them. Scared, Corrine and Ludwig ran away with Megan while Vic screamed at them.


  • Most of Megan's appearances were uncredited and she has almost no lines in the show.


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