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Mayda Reyes
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Mrs. Reyes - Mother
Christopher Reyes - Brother (deceased)
Topo Reyes - Brother


Mayda Reyes was Cuca and Topo's little sister.

Before Season 2Edit

Mayda was present when Armadillo Quintero came to her house to threaten Cuca into joining him.

Season 2Edit

After Cuca was murdered, Detectives Dutch Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms went to his house to question his family. Cuca's brother, Topo, and their mother refused to say anything. However, Dutch noticed that Mayda seemed to know something. Dutch then left his notebook on Mayda's house making sure she noticed him. After they left, Mayda took the notebook and went to the Barn to deliver it to Dutch. While there, she told Dutch about Armadillo threatening his brother.

When Claudette Wyms arrived and found out that Dutch was interrogating a minor without an adult present, she reprimanded him. She then took Mayda out of the interrogation room not realizing she had left one of her barrettes inside. Claudette then took her to her home. After the detectives brought Armadillo for questioning, he found Mayda's barrette and realized she had testified against him. After he got out, he kidnapped Mayda and raped her. He then tattooed a dove on her face and let her return home. As she was walking to her home, Claudette saw her and was horrified as she saw the tattoo. Topo then screamed and took her into the house not allowing the detectives to get near them.