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Mary Esposito was a prostitute.

Before Season 1Edit

Mary Esposito was kidnapped by a serial killer called Sean Taylor while she was working. Taylor killed Mary and dumped her body face-down on the ground, unable to store the body under his aunt's house like he used to, because it was full.

Season 1Edit

When studying unsolved murders in the city, Detective Dutch Wagenbach noticed a pattern of prostitutes being dumped face-down in random places, using different methods. He became obsessed with finding the murderer, much to the chagrin of his partner, Claudette Wyms. Dutch eventually captured the killer Sean Taylor and made him confess.


  • Detective Dutch Wagenbach mentions that the four prostitutes found dead were found in different places like Griffith Park, Eagle Rock, and a liquor store dumper. However, it is never made clear where Mary was dumped. Dutch mentions the methods they were killed as well (beaten with a pipe, strangled by hand, choked with a rope), but again, it is never made clear which method was used to kill Mary.

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