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Mark Stone was a Los Angeles Police Department detective working at the Barn in Farmington.

Before Season 1Edit

Mark Stone was one of the original detectives when the Barn started operating.

Season 1Edit

Stone first appeared as one of the first detectives seen talking on the phone at the Barn in the background as Vic Mackey conversed with Wanda Higoshi. He was later seen still at his desk when Dutch Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms entered the station to follow up with Captain Aceveda on a new case. Stone was later seen that day helping an detective question an Asian suspect while Vic was seen being scoulded by Dutch over the usage of pranks in his desk drawer.

When an drive-by shooter shot at the Barn from his car, Stone was one of the detectives that ran out with Captain David Aceveda to capture him.

Season 2Edit

After Little Pop stabbed Armadillo Quintero inside the cage, Mark Stone checked him for more weapons and took him away.


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