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Malcolm Rama
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Malcolm Rama was a Thai young man that volunteered working at the Thai Cultural Center.

Season 2Edit

Lee Kusa visited the Thai Cultural Center where Malcolm Rama worked. When Malcolm heard his name, he mentioned it to his father as a joke, knowing about the long grudge between their families. However, when he saw his father got extremely angry about it and started talking about killing Kusa, Malcolm decided to scare him off.

Malcolm stole an antique scepter from his work and followed Kusa after he got out of the center. When Kusa saw him, he spit Malcolm on the face and started screaming and attacking him. Malcolm used the scepter to defend himself but, as he was beating him, he felt more anger inside him and he lost control which resulted in Kusa being left in a coma. Malcolm left him hanging in an alley and left. When he arrived at his home, he told his mother he had to wash himself.

Detective Dutch Wagenbach and Officer Danny Sofer arrived at his home and arrested him. After taking him to the Barn, they started interrogating him.


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