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Lops was the leader of the E-Park Johnnies during Season 2. According to Detective Vic Mackey, they called him "Lops" because he had a lopsided head.

Season 2Edit

When the E-Park Johnnies made an effort to resurrect their "April Fool's parties", Lops invited some of their members to his house. Mouser, Boxer, and Charlie were among them. As part of their "party", members would draw dominoes to see who would kill a certain amount of random people in response to the murdered gang members they had during that year. They then drew dominoes to see who would have to go with Mouser, Boxer, and Charlie being the chosen ones. They then set out to various points in Farmington to achieve their goal.

That night, Detectives Vic Mackey and Tavon Garris went to Lops house to ask him about the murder of Jeff Franklin. As he refused to talk, Tavon threatened to shoot him if he didn't talk. As Tavon kept on pressing on him, Lops got scared and agreed to tell them who the shooters were. As he was being taken out, he laughed and told them that it would be too late since Charlie was already at the street fair. Vic told one of the officers to take Lops to the Barn and headed with Tavon to the fair.


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