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Little Pop was a former leader of Los Magnificos.

Before Season 2Edit

Little Pop was a leader of Los Mags, before he was arrested and sent to Pelican Bay. While incarcerated, he developed a business and a strong leadership inside jail which gave him respect within the immates, and allowed him to help his mother economically.

Season 2Edit

After Little Pop was released, he found himself in the middle of a gang reorganization in Farmington. Armadillo Quintero was ousting local dealers and bringing Mexicans he trusted, leaving Little Pop in the sidelines.

When Van Bro approached him on behalf of the Strike Team, looking for information on Armadillo, he agreed to talk to them. He met with Detective Vic Mackey and told him how he felt, expressing that he wanted to get back in jail where he was powerful and had respect.

Later that night, Shane Vendrell and Curtis Lemansky approached Little Pop and offered him a chance to return to jail by killing Armadillo. As he was on the street, Little Pop walked past Officers Julien Lowe and Danny Sofer smoking marihuana in public. When they asked him to put it out, he blew the smoke right in their faces, to be arrested intentionally.

Julien and Danny brought him to the Barn and, after Danny checked him for any weapon, they put him in the same cage as Armadillo. At some point, Shane and Lem slipped Little Pop a shiv. He approached Armadillo and stabbed him nine times in the back and stomach killing him. Everyone in the Barn ran to help, but Armadillo was already dead. Detective Mark Stone checked Little Pop to see if he had any other weapon.


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