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Lilly Cacuzza was a Los Angeles Police Department officer working at the Barn in Farmington. She usually worked at the evidence room.

Cacuzza lived in West Hills, in the Valley.

Season 1Edit

Lily was in charge of logging the evidence brought from the Strike Team's raid to the Armenian Mafia. As Vic Mackey signed the paperwork, she commended him for his job. Captain David Aceveda arrived and as he started questioning Mackey about the raid, Lily started looking uncomfortably and then walked away. When Officer Julien Lowe witnessed the Strike Team stealing two bricks of cocaine from a crime scene, he went to Lily. Lowe wanted to check with her how many bricks of cocaine were logged. When Sofer was taking out Deena's belongings, she took her cell phone right at the moment that Lily was walking in. Lily congratulated her for her efforts to pass the promotion test.

Some days later, Ronnie Gardocki approached Lily to distract her while Vic Mackey looked for a certain gun in the evidence room. Ronnie made small talk with her about recommendations of a place to move. However, when Vic couldn't find it, he pretended to be looking for her. As she saw them both, she suspected they were scheming something. Vic and Ronnie laughed and assured her they weren't. The next day, she started logging all the evidence that would be transferred to Central Station.

Season 2Edit

When Vic Mackey and Shane Vendrell went on to check a body they would use in a sting operation, Captain David Aceveda asked to go with them. However, Vic told him they couldn't wait and told him that Cacuzza had the address.

Season 3Edit

Detective Shane Vendrell went to the evidence room and asked Cacuzza to see some bills that were being held for a Byz Lats investigation. Cacuzza told her the evidence couldn't leave the room, but Shane told her he wouldn't take it out, and just needed to check something for the warrant. Cacuzza then brought Shane the evidence.

Later that night, Nina went to the evidence room to check some marked bills with Cacuzza. While they were doing so, Lem approached her and told them that Shane might've forgotten to sign the evidence sheet she had brought him earlier. However, she told him he did sign it.


  • She is credited as "Lily Cacuzza", and Vic Mackey and Ronnie Gardocki call her by her last name. However, her name tag in "Blowback" reads something visibly shorter.


Season 1

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