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Leon was the owner of a grocery store in Farmington. He had a son called Favian.

Season 1Edit

When George Michael Klassen came to Leon's store and shot several Latinos, including his son, Leon came from the back of the store with a baseball bat and hit George in the head. After he fell, Leon and the other store owners took George through the back alley behind the stores and gave him to The Toros for revenge on his shootings.

After the police arrived to the crime scene, Leon testified that George had left and he didn't knew where he went. As Detective Vic Mackey looked further, he noticed the blood on the baseball bat and Leon confessed having hit him, but not knowing where he left afterwards. Despite the reluctance of Det. Carlos Zamora, Vic kept on pressing on Leon, knowing that he was lying.

After inspecting the store once again with Shane Vendrell, Vic brought Leon and the other store owners to the Barn for further questioning. As he pressed on him more, Leon confessed that they had given George to The Toros as revenge. Leon was then taken to the cage with the other store owners for conspiracy to commit murder. Latino activist Raoul Jimenez swore to Mackey that he would defend them despite what they did.


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