Laurie Holden
The Shield- Laurie Holden
Character(s) Olivia Murray
Date of Birth December 17, 1969
Origin Los Angeles, California, USA
IMDb profile

Laurie Holden (born December 17, 1969 played Olivia Murray during Season 7 of The Shield. She's an American-Canadian actress, producer, and human rights activist.

Biography and career Edit

Holden was born in Los Angeles, California, daughter of actors Glenn Corbett and Adrienne Ellis. She is the stepdaughter of director Michael Anderson.

Holden began her career when she played Rock Hudson's daughter in The Martian's Chronicles (1980). She is best known for her role of Marita Covarrubias on the long-running show "The X-Files" and Mary Travis in the short-lived series "The Magnificent Seven". Filmwise, she portrayed Adele Stanton in The Majestic (co-starring with Jim Carrey), Cybil Bennett in Silent Hill and Amanda Dunfrey in The Mist.

From 2010 to 2013, Holden played the recurring role of Andrea on The Walking Dead. She also had a brief role in the Michael Chiklis film Fantastic Four.

Selected filmography Edit

  • The Time of Their Lives (2015)
  • Dumb and Dumber To (2014)
  • Honeytrap (2013)
  • Meet Market (2008)
  • The Mist (2007)
  • Silent Hill (2006)
  • Fantastic Four (2005)
  • Bailey's Billion$ (2005)
  • The Majestic (2001)
  • Echo (1997)
  • The Pathfinder (1996)
  • Past Perfect (1996)
  • Expect No Mercy (1995)
  • Young Catherine (1991)
  • Physical Evidence (1989)
  • Separate Vacations (1986)

Television appearances Edit

  • Chicago Fire (2015)
  • Major Crimes (2014-2015)
  • The Walking Dead (2010-2013)
  • The Shield (2008)
  • The X-Files (1996-2002)
  • The Outer Limits (2000)
  • The Magnificent Seven (1998-2000)
  • Poltergeist- The Legacy (1996)
  • Murder, She Wrote (1996)
  • Highlander (1995)
  • Due South (1995)
  • Secret Service (1993)
  • The Martian's Chronicles (1980)

The Shield related appearancesEdit

External linksEdit

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