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Lamar Tilton was a man that had an on-and-off relationship with Fran.

Before Season 1Edit

When he was with Fran, he gave her $1,500 for the down payment on a car. After that, Fran left him and started dating Hooper, and even gave him the car she bought. Lamar went to their apartment and slashed the car tires as payback.

Season 1Edit

Officers Julien Lowe and Danny Sofer found Lamar right outside his apartment and asked him about the slashed tires. He confessed and told them what had happened between them, assuring them that the car was as much his since he had given Fran the down payment. Lamar was then taken to the Barn and arrested.

Some time later, Danny and Julien answered a disturbance call from Fran's house. She and Lamar had gotten back together and Hooper had come to her house to get back with her. As the officers dragged Hooper away, Lamar and Fran kissed at the door. The next day, Lamar called the officers because Hooper had allegedly sprayed the word "HOE" on Fran's door. Julien and Danny took them to the Barn where Lamar forced Fran to sign a restraining order against Hooper.

A few days later, Fran got back with Hooper and Lamar slashed Hooper's car tires again. That night, he got in their house and killed them both. He was arrested afterwards.


Season 1

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