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Kyle Hutton was Jeffrey Cole's best friend. They both had neo-Nazi ideologies about race.

Before Season 2Edit

Kyle and Jeffrey knew themselves from school and they shared the same neo-Nazi ideologies. They were luring homosexuals in Doverson to pick them up. When they did, they would pull out their knives to take their wallets, knowing that they wouldn't go to the police. Kyle was also aware that Jeffrey was having trouble with Lydell Crouch and his friends.

Season 2Edit

2x12 Kyle's Tattoo

Swastikatattoo from Kyle

After Jeffrey's disappearance, Kyle was brought to the Barn for questioning by Detective Tavon Garris. Detective Vic Mackey then took him into one of the interrogation rooms. When Kyle called Tavon "monkey cop", Vic realized about his ideologies and lift Kyle's shirt revealing a swastika tattoo on his chest. As he tried to press him into revealing Jeffrey's location, he saw that he refused to talk. Eventually, he told Kyle that Jeffrey's father was black. When Kyle told him that he knew his mother was pure, Vic pushed him to the window and showed him who Jeffrey's father was. Kyle, not believing it, agreed to reveal Jeffrey's location then.


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