Kurt Sutter
1x05 Margos-dezerian
Origin New Jersey, USA
Job(s) Director, Writer, Producer
Character(s) Margos Dezerian
Origin New Jersey, USA
IMDb profile

Kurt Sutter was one of the main writers and producers of The Shield. Sutter also played Margos Dezerian during three episodes of Season 1 and Season 3. He also directed the Season 6 prequel episode "Wins and Losses".


Sutter was raised in New Jersey. He graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in film and also spent several years as a theater actor in New York City. In the mid-90s, he joined the faculty of The Gately-Poole Acting Studio on Theatre Row.

Shield Story Featurette- Kurt Sutter

In 1997, he received an MFA Fellowship to attend Northern Illinois University, which eventually led to him writing plays. After graduating with a Master of Fine Arts, he moved to Los Angeles. In 2001, he landed a gig on The Shield as a staff writer and eventually became executive producer for its last two seasons.

Sutter is currently the writer and producer of FX new series "Sons of Anarchy".

Sutter has been married to actress and singer Katey Sagal since October 2, 2004.

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