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Kleavon Kwame Gardner was a suspected serial killer. He is adept at concealing any evidence of his alleged crimes.

He is portrayed by Ray Campbell.

Season FourEdit

Kleavon first shows up in connection to a murder of a young woman. Detectives Dutch Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms question him after learning that he is suspected in several murders in Texas. However Kleavon claims that he is an innocent man who is the victim of a vendetta from the Texas cops. Despite the fact that there is no evidence against him, Dutch and Claudette realize that he is a sociopathic killer based on his behavior. Eventually they realize that someone else killed their victim and let Kleavon go, realizing that he will probably start killing soon.

Kleavon and Dutch

Season FiveEdit

Kleavon begins his killing spree, and continually manages to evade arrest despite the efforts of Dutch and Claudette. The case takes a toll on Claudette who is already suffering from lupus. However the detectives eventually manage to convince his sister of his true nature. Kleavon's sister leaves him and he comes to the detectives for help. They accuse him of killing her and he replies that he killed the other women, but he would never kill his own sister. The detectives arrest him only for him to see that his sister betrayed him. Despite the fact that she closed the case, the stress pushes Claudette over the edge and she collapses.

Season SevenEdit

Kleavon -S7

Gardner tries to outwit Claudette.

Kleavon is facing the death penalty. Representing himself during an appeal, he demands that Claudette submit to a deposition. During the deposition, he reveals that he knows that Claudette is taking high dosages of drugs to control her lupus (he even produces an old prescription bottle of Claudette's from her trash). His lawsuit threatens not only his conviction, but also the convictions of others since Claudette is taking large amounts of a potentially mind-altering drug. Kleavon agrees to stop pressing his case, if Claudette agrees to take the death penalty off the table. She reluctantly agrees, and her attorney destroys the only video tape copy of the deposition. Before he leaves, Dutch asks for his opinion on Lloyd Denton, who Dutch believes is a budding serial killer. Kleavon agrees with Dutch's assessment and says that he's seen Lloyd's facial expression in the mirror.

Kleavon also reveals that he has met a woman while in prison, and says that he is going to propose to her now that the death penalty is off the table.