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Karen Mitchell was a city official who was running for City Council against David Aceveda. She was also involved with the Tanya Kramer and Violet Roosevelt murder cases in Farmington, trying to figure out why it took LAPD so long to reach the women's apartment.

Before Season 1Edit

Karen Mitchell worked with Councilman Morgan during his re-election campaign. There were rumors that Morgan wanted Karen to replace him in the City Council.

Season 1Edit

After a mob formed in front of Kramer's apartment, Karen Mitchell showed up to try and comfort the mob, telling them that they were quickly trying to uncover the problem of the delayed police aid. Maya Duffy approached Karen to tell her she had seen the murderer and Karen introduced her to Captain David Aceveda.

Karen then went to The Barn and listened to the audio recordings of Tanya and Violet's final moments before Wally Forton entered their apartment and killed them. According to Ben Gilroy, the police took so long arriving at the location because units were taken out of the area. The only units available were busy and no one was able to help them in time.

At night, a large mob formed in the same neighborhood and David Aceveda and Claudette Wyms accompanied Karen to try and calm the mob down. Unfortunately, someone in the crowd fired off two shots and startled everyone, causing a huge riot. David, Claudette, and Karen retreated to an abandoned apartment and hid for a while until several officers with riot shields arrived and covered their escape. Karen was successfully extracted from the neighborhood.

Season 2Edit

Civilian auditor Lanie Kellis remarked to David Aceveda how he had used a riot and a scandal to get a 17-point lead against Karen Mitchell on their race for a seat at the City Council. However, after Lanie's damaging report was leaked to the press, Aceveda's popularity fell giving Karen a slight advantage. Also, The Times had planned to endorse Karen for her seat.

Despite this, a day before the primary, Aceveda had a surge in the votes that put him ahead of Mitchell in some polls. Eventually, Aceveda ended up defeating Mitchell for the candidacy.


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