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Joe Clark was a former Los Angeles Police Department officer and detective. He was Vic Mackey's first partner and training officer.

Before Season 2Edit

Joe was once a respected police officer, but was booted from the force after attacking a young man who assaulted his partner. Soon after, his family left him and he also lost his pension.

Season 2Edit

Joe approached Vic and asks him to help make a criminal case against Fleetwood Walker, the man who cost him his life. Vic was initially unsure, but agreed after seeing Walker deliberately provoke and taunt Joe. Watching Joe, Vic realized that he was in danger of ending up like his former partner: alone and without a job, pension, or friends and family. During the bust, Vic was shot and wounded by Walker, and Joe left to go kill the shooter. After shooting and killing a street hustler, Vic begged Shane to find the Walker first which Shane managed to do.


After some time, Vic called Joe to ask him what he knew about a gang called the E-Park Johnnies. Joe told him that 10 years ago, they used to "celebrate" what they called "April Fool's parties".

Season 6Edit

Joe showed up and once again asked Vic for help in removing some drug dealers from an apartment building. After initially refusing, Vic agreed after seeing Joe's backup was a clueless idiot who severely underestimated their adversaries. Vic helped Joe, but became fed up after seeing the other man sadistically humiliate the drug dealers. Despite the fact that Joe seemed to be doing better, his presence still reminded Vic of where he might be headed. Vic, who was in danger of losing his badge saw that without it he could end up doing menial thug work for a small payout.


Season 2

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