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Jessica Hintel was the ex-girlfriend of Cuca.

Before Season 2Edit

Jessica was a senior student at Wedney School for Girls. Her father was a chiropractor.

One day, Jessica was walking with Cuca when Armadillo Quintero and his men approached him. Armadillo asked him if he had changed his mind and he said no. Armadillo then kidnapped Jessica and took her to his house. After raping her, he held her while one of his men tattooed a dove on her face. When he returned with Cuca and he saw the tattoo, he called her "whore" and never touched her again.

Season 2Edit

After the murder of Cuca, Jessica was brought to the Barn for questioning. During the interrogation, Detectives Claudette Wyms and Dutch Wagenbach wanted to know if she had left Cuca to be with Armadillo Quintero. When they asked her about the dove tattoo, she told them what had happened. She then refused to testify against Armadillo and asked if she could call her father.


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