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Diagur Leyva - Son (Deceased)


Jesse was the father of Diagur Leyva. He used to work as a cement mixer, but was left without a job when Diagur started using him to transport weapons.

Before Season 3Edit

Diagur convinced his father, Jesse, to serve as courier for a shipment of ammunition the Byz Lats were expecting. Jesse drove a Greyhound bus to Yuma, Arizona. When he arrived there, he picked up a van loaded with half a ton of 9mm shells. He then headed back to Los Angeles.

Season 3Edit

Jesse was returning to Farmington with a van full of ammunition. As he was driving, a teenage drug dealer fleeing from the cops struck him. Jesse's van flipped down and as Lem tried to take him out, the ammunition started exploding. As Detectives Vic Mackey and Shane Vendrell sought cover, Lem kept trying to pull Jesse out of the van. He finally did as the ammunition died down.

Jesse was then treated by paramedics at the site of the accident. After that, he was taken to the Barn where he was questioned by Mackey. When Vic tried to implicate Jesse's son, Diagur, in the gun deal, Jesse denied that he had anything to do with it.


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