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Jason Porter
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Mr. Porter - Father
Antwon Mitchell - Half-brother


Jason Porter was Antwon Mitchell's half-brother.

Before Season 4Edit

Jason's father, Mr. Porter, was a correctional officer at Chowchilla, where Antwon Mitchell's mother was incarcerated. He got her pregnant, which cost him his job. Jason was then raised only by his father.

Antwon Mitchell paid for Jason's tuition at U.C. Northridge where he majored in foreign language (Spanish, Korean, Russian) with the intention of using him later to deal with foreigners. Antwon also helped with the mortgage payments of Jason's house.

Season 4Edit

When Antwon Mitchell started dealing with the Russian Mafia, he offered Andrei Tretiak help to deal with the police. He then sent Jason with some Nigerian hitmen to translate and drive while they killed Officers Wayne Haimes and Carl Miller. During the struggle, Jason lost a necklace with his initials that Antwon had given him. After the incident, Jason ran away from his home and didn't went to classes either.

The police found the necklace next to the dead officers bodies, while the Strike Team found language tapes in Tretiak's office and traced them to Jason. They then used Taylor Orrs and his pawn shop to lure Jason. When Jason came by looking for the necklace, the Strike Team arrested him and took him to the Barn.

He was interrogated by Captain Monica Rawling and Vic Mackey but refused to implicate Antwon. When Rawling threatened to take his father's house through the asset forfeiture policy, he asked for an immunity deal. When Rawling presented it, he confessed about the killings of Haimes and Miller. However, just when he was being transferred, Rawling found out about a deal Antwon had made with the DA, and canceled the immunity deal with Porter. She then ordered to keep him arrested.


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