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Hrach was a member of the Armenian Mafia and an associate of Alex Eznik. He was a Lebanese Armenian. Hrach worked at a jewelry store owned by Eznik.

Season 2Edit

Hrach managed to acquire a stolen police badge. When one of Hrach's co-workers stole some diamonds from another store where Hrach worked, he decided to set things straight. With a mask in his face, Hrach used the stolen police badge to get into the jewelry store and killed the thief. His co-worker, Kolb, was uninjured. After taking the jewels, Hrach went to Tike's pawn shop and sold them to him. When Detective Vic Mackey found about it, convinced Tike to lure Hrach into the store. When Hrach arrived, Mackey and Shane arrested him.

At the Barn, Hrach confessed to countless illegal operations belonging to Eznik or the Armenian Mafia, including the Armenian Money Train. Wanting to bring Eznik down, Mackey told Hrach that they would use another body to pass as him so Eznik could have evidence of him being killed. However, as he was being transferred to a cell, Hagop spotted him. This prompted a fight between him and Vic, but Mackey overpowered him so he couldn't warn Eznik.


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