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Gill Prue was the husband of Heidi Prue.

Before Season 4Edit

Gill was a physical education teacher, and coached baseball. However, he had an anger management problem. He ended up beating a shortsop at a game and was sent to Chino for it. This was his third time in prison.

Gill was attending therapy for his problem with a Dr. Grohl. Gill also used to beat his wife, Heidi, regularly.

Season 4Edit

When Gill Prue got out of prison, he returned home and sold his wife's car for $8,700. He wanted to use the money for fake identification and reference letters, because he knew that no school would hire him with his credentials. Heidi told him that she had met a man called Francis Valverde at her Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that could help him. Gill contacted Francis and he gave him the contact to a man called Nokey. Gill made the arrangements and ordered the fake IDs.

However, Francis then arranged a meeting with Gill telling him that Nokey would deliver the IDs in some alley. When Gill went there, Francis met with him and shot him point-blank in the groin with a shotgun. Francis then took his money.


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