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Gilbos Arkelian
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Gilbos Arkelian was a taxi driver that worked around Farmington. He owned a green cab.

Season 5Edit

Gilbos stopped to pick up Tori Burke when she flagged him. She then offered him sex for $100. After she picked out a motel, they went there and after Gilbos got undressed, two black associates of Burke came in and stole his wallet and a gold chain.

When he spotted Tori later on the street, he stopped and started hitting her. Although he got away, the owner of a store saw him and identified him to the detectives. Gilbos was arrested and brought to the Barn for questioning where he finally accepted attacking Tori but because she had robbed him first.

When Tori's boyfriend, Tyrez Wallace, arrived at the Barn, Gilbos couldn't identify him as one of the black men that attacked him.


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